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Zodiac 101: Distinct Characteristics of the Sun and Moon Signs

Sun and Moon Signs
The Sun and Moon signs, both are important considerations in astrology. Each of them has their own significance, but together, they create a unique and revealing chart for reading an individual's personality. Read on to know all about their characteristics and differences.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
The moon sign is responsible for governing your personality. It is determined by the date and time of your birth, and shows how your inner being actually is. Your personality is the only thing that belongs to yourself in the whole universe, and can tell a lot about who you really are. The sun sign, however, rules your individuality, and makes you someone in the world. It gives you an identity of your own, and has a significant influence on your personality too. When these two signs are combined together, they give a unique combination of character and traits, obtained in every human being.
There are twelve zodiac signs with two components, which govern your personality. The components are the sun and the moon as described earlier, and they have equal commands over the emotional and intellectual self of the human being. When you find out what your sun and moon signs are, you can come across a number of facts about how you work, your compatibility in relationships, what are your strengths and weaknesses, and how to work on them.
Sun sign traits: Aries are aggressive, loud, daring, and energetic people.They are sometimes friendly, impulsive, and childish in nature.
Moon sign traits: They are independent, assertive, and courageous. They love to be the best at everything they do.
Sun sign traits: Taurus is a sign which involves stubborn, deliberate, cautious people who can get slow and comfort-seeking at times. They are very loyal to the people they love, and usually live in their past.
Moon sign traits: They are logical and conservative. Being loving in nature, they are also known as the most sensual moon sign of all.
Sun sign traits: Geminis are friendly, adaptable, and talkative. They are also very superficial and curious people. They are alert and street-smart, compared to the other sun signs.
Moon sign traits: The moon dominates flirtatious and witty qualities in these people. They are very expressive, bright, and persuasive by nature.
Sun sign traits: Cancerians are very sensitive, shy, possessive, and moody.
Moon sign traits: They are emotional, caring, and responsive as per the moon-dominated characteristics.
Sun sign traits: These people are flamboyant, selfish, egotistical, and yet creative and loving. They love to be the center of attention as the symbol (lion) goes.
Moon sign traits: Leos are charming, loyal, generous, and warm by the moon dominance. They like to be dignified, and are indulgent and officious by nature.
Sun sign traits: They are timid and finicky, but very practical. They do get skeptical and hypocritical at times.
Moon sign traits: They are perfectionists, but critical. They are also capable, cultured, and helpful at times.
Sun sign traits: They are tactful and indecisive. They avoid conflicts, and are lazy.
Moon sign traits: Libras are peaceful, charming, affectionate, and harmonious people. Due to the influence of the moon, they are deemed to be diplomatic and decisive.
Sun sign traits: Being very strong-willed and passionate by nature, these people tend to be possessive and vengeful when it comes to their belongings. However, you may find them to be loyal and generous as well.
Moon sign traits: Analytical, intense, and controlling is the basic nature of Scorpios, but they are powerful and resourceful too.
Sun sign traits: Often being avid travelers, the Sagittarians like to be independent, athletic, and theatrical. Sometimes there are possibilities of them getting overconfident.
Moon sign traits: The most optimistic of the 12 moon signs, this sign makes people enthusiastic, adventurous, and philosophical. These people can get overindulgent and curious at times.
Sun sign traits: They are mature, patient, and responsible people, but tend to be judgmental and traditional at times.
Moon sign traits: This sign lends the traits of being hardworking, capable, and ambitious with serious and disciplined behavior. However, such people can get a little meticulous due to this.
Sun sign traits: Aquarians love music, and are social animals, but can get stubborn and opinionated about people.
Moon sign traits: Being charismatic, contemporary, and forward-thinking individuals by nature, they also have the drawbacks of being rebellious, detached, and impulsive.
Sun sign traits: Being shy and vulnerable, these people are generally unstable in life. They can't stick to one place for a long time.
Moon sign traits: Pisceans are creative, sensitive, compassionate, imaginative, and spiritual as per the traits demonstrated by their moon sign. Being dreamy and unrealistic at times, they opt to escape from situations instead of facing them.
The basic difference between the sun and moon signs is that the sun sign needs only the date of birth, while the moon sign takes into account the time and other details of the person's birth. These signs are a great way to know who you really are with respect to your personality and emotions.
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