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Unique Characteristics of the Mysterious Scorpio People

Scorpio Characteristics
Do you want to know about the typical Scorpio characteristics and traits? Read this article to diversify your knowledge about this zodiac sign.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
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There are 12 signs of the zodiac and we all fall under one of these 12 signs according to our birth date. People whose date of birth falls between 24th October to 22nd November, come under this sign.
Each sign of the zodiac comes under four elements; Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. Scorpio is a water sign, and it is governed by Pluto. It is one of the most powerful and intense characters among all zodiac signs, and they have a lot of emotional energy. In this article, you will learn about some unique Scorpio characteristics and traits.
General Personality Traits
Scorpio is governed by the planet Pluto, which is associated with change - mental and spiritual. People of this sign are great risk takers, and they have incredible mental strength, which makes them able to endure many hardships and a lot of adversity in life.
They are able to take up any challenges in life and convert them into success. They can be very inflexible and stubborn, although they are extremely persistent and have the determination to go for what they want. They have a strong desire for power and are quite materialistic. They like perfection and do not like to show fear or any negative emotion.
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Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Outwardly, they appear calm and cool, but inwardly, they are deeply passionate and intuitive. They have irresistible magnetism, and they are quite fascinating to the opposite sex. Although they appear to be unconcerned and calm, they can be very jealous and possessive in a relationship.
Their dominating nature and need for control can cause problems in their love life. Their suspicious nature and passive aggressive nature causes great rifts in their relationships. On the positive side, they are loyal and loving, and when they choose a partner, they do so for life.
Traits of the Men
All men are tough to figure out, but this is specially true of a Scorpio men. It takes a long time to know their personality, likes, and dislikes, but once you know them, you will be better equipped to handle them. If they want something, they will go ahead to get it with full determination.
They have a lot of magnetism and charisma, and they have the power to draw people towards them. They are mysterious and have an enigmatic aura surrounding them that makes them very seductive to the opposite sex. They are intense, sexy, and strong and no matter how they look, they have the power to sweep any girl off her feet.
They are very persevering and obstinate and will never give in. They are deeply passionate, and this not only apply to their love life, but it applies to all the spheres of life. One of the important traits that applies to both males and females is the need for space. They like silence and peace for introspection and to figure out their thoughts. They can be controlling and dominating, but they are also deeply loyal and chivalrous.
Traits of the Women
Scorpio Zodiac Sign
A Scorpio woman is a complex and fascinating person who has her own distinct and unique personality. The most fascinating trait of this sign is deep passion and intense magnetism. This makes the woman very fascinating and enthralling to men, and she has no dearth of admirers. She is loyal and faithful and gives her hundred percent to a relationship. She is loving, kind, and compassionate, but if you cross her or hurt her, she can turn into an extremely vengeful person.
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Her over possessiveness and jealousy might create many problems in her love life. She is slow to trust people and does not forgive people when they break her trust. Although many people think that such women are harsh, selfish, and materialistic, in reality, they are fair minded, generous, loving, and capable of making sacrifices for friend and family.
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Scorpios are mysterious, secretive, authoritative, and controlling. But, they are, at the same time, kind, loyal, affectionate, hardworking, and compassionate. Like all zodiac signs, they too have negative and positive traits.
Some famous people who fall under this sign are Pablo Picasso, Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Marie Antoinette, Pat Buchanan, Voltaire, and Whoopi Goldberg.
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Scorpio Sign
Scorpio Sign
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