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Taurus Traits

Typical Traits of People With Taurus as Their Ruling Sign

The Taurus individual is known for his unfaltering determination, stability, and patience. Here is detailed information on the characteristics and traits of the Taurus sign.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Symbolized by the bull and ruled by Venus, the Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. It is one of the four fixed signs, and individuals born in between 20th April to 21st May belong to this zodiac sign. It is also an Earth sign.
Taurus Characteristics
The following are the typical traits observed in both, Taurus men and women. Although not always entirely, these traits are surely seen in more or less intensity in people typically born under the sun sign Taurus.
  • Determined: Individuals born under this sign are marked with determination and stubbornness. Once they make up their mind, nothing or no one can waver them from it. They also have fixed opinions about something and are rarely ready to change them. Sometimes, their stubborn nature can make them rigid and argumentative.
  • Homely People: As the Taurus is an Earth sign, these individuals are quite down-to-earth (quite literally) and practical individuals. They are happy in the quiet of their homes, spending time peacefully rather than enjoying with larger crowds.
  • Reliable: Basically, these individuals are warmhearted, good-natured, and peace-loving. They are also extremely reliable and dependable as friends, employees, or business associates. A Taurus man or woman never forgets his sense of duty and will rarely be found in a jobless situation, as stability in life is more important to him than anything else.
  • Love for Luxury: Taurus individuals love luxuries of food, clothing, and all things of pleasure. Peculiarly all Taureans have a great taste in these arenas and often tend to be extravagant. They are greatly attracted towards beauty of any kind.
  • Fiery Temper: One of their biggest weaknesses is their fiery temper that, although rarely surfaces, is sufficient to make the victim run for help. Taurus individuals hate being dominated or made fun of in public, the most. However, most of the time, their temper is under check by their cool exterior. However, if pushed too far, there is no stopping. Taureans (both men and women) are capable of unimaginable temper.
Taurus Woman
The Taurus woman is everything she seems outwardly; intelligent, brainy, emotionally strong, and independent. However, she looks out for a man who can dominate her and protect her lifelong. A Taurus female, like her male counterpart, is quite conservative and is rarely found to take life and relationships lightly. In fact she will always look for a stable and steady relationship.
Once committed, she can be a very loyal and supportive partner. She is practical, yet romantic who also knows her duty and never hesitates to fulfill it. She is gifted with one of the most prominent Taurus traits, that is patience. She is very tolerant of the flaws of her partner and those around her, and hence, is a warm person to be around with. However, change, disorder, and insecurity of any kind can make a Taurus female cranky and irritable.
Taurus Man
This man may seem reserved as he is rarely found enjoying being on the center stage. However, he has a great strength of will, marked by intelligence and practicality. The Taurus man is one of the most practical among the men in the zodiac. He wishes stability and security in life and will work hard for it.
However, on a less brighter side, he is very stubborn and will never change his mind once he has made it. He also dislikes being dominated or dictated in any way. In most of the cases, these men are found to be very conservative, going with the set norms rather than rebelling. However, life with a Taurus man is always peaceful and cozy, plus the luxuries and pleasures, minus the roller coasters!
Taurus Lovers
Both, men and women, born under this sign, are divinely romantic and also perfect mates for people who wish to have a steady and a secure relationship. Although they may take a long time to choose their mate, once decided, they, with all their determination and stubbornness, will try their best to succeed in winning their partner. As mentioned above, Taurus individuals are conservative.
Therefore, if you have set your cap on them, it is better to put away your flirtatious and flashy nature. They are also extremely possessive and can have significant bouts of jealousy. Most of the time, the legendary Taurean temper is kept under wraps, but if provoked too far, it can explode! It is also not advisable to dictate your Taurus partner's life and course of action or curb his freedom, he/she will never tolerate it.
Once committed or tied the knot, the partners of Taureans cannot get luckier. They have a partner who is romantic and extremely loyal. As Taurus themselves love luxuries, they will never hesitate to shower their partners with extravagant gifts. They are very straight forward in the matters of love making. A Taurus individual, once committed to the right mate, can truly be called a die-hard-romantic and can remain so forever! Taurus parents are very tender and understanding towards their children.
These were a few attributes that help to identify Taurus individuals. Knowing these traits and characteristics will help you know your partner, friend, spouse better, which may in turn increase the chances of you being together forever. Good luck!