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Virgo and Gemini Compatibility

Check Out the Unusual Compatibility Between a Virgo and a Gemini

Is the union of a Virgo and Gemini a favorable one or not? Let us see the astrological explanation on the compatibility between these two signs.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
The Gemini and the Virgo are the third and the sixth signs in the zodiac chart, respectively. The Gemini is an air sign, while the Virgo is an Earth sign. If you are a Gemini (belonging to this zodiac sign as being born in between 21st May to 20th June), and dating a Virgo (belonging to this zodiac sign as being born in between 22nd August to 23rd September), or vice versa; you will definitely be curious to know what is the sign compatibility between these signs like. Before taking a look at the actual compatibility, let us take a look at the traits of these two zodiac signs.
Gemini Zodiac Sign
The Gemini sign is symbolized by the twins and these individuals relate very much to their symbol, having a twin personality. They are intelligent, talkative and witty. A Gemini individual will have information or knowledge about myriad fields, and will love sharing it with his friends. They are easygoing, social and friendly individuals. However, some of their drawbacks include their ever changing and fickle nature, lack of depth and indecisiveness.
Virgo Zodiac Sign
The Virgo sign is symbolized by a virginal maiden. But, note that the Virgos only appear timid, modest; but they are not actually so. A Virgo individual, although reserved and introvert, has a spine made of steel. They are intelligent, well read and also very reliable and helpful. One of the best known Virgo traits is that these individuals are the most practical individuals in the zodiac. However, their drawbacks also include inflexibility, unwillingness to change; and their very critical and cold nature.
Virgo and Gemini Love Relationship
On taking a look at the individual traits of the Gemini and Virgo, you must have observed that there are many similarities between the two. Both of them are well read and intelligent. The Gemini is one easygoing soul; and the Virgo will get very friendly once he / she trusts the other person. These two will talk on any subject on the Earth, right from social, political to even philosophical issues. Both these individuals have a very curious mind and won't be satisfied until they gather all information on the related issue. The Gemini man / woman is very charming and attractive and hence, it is no wonder that the Virgo individual will fall for the Gemini, rather than other way round. And, their interests and similar mind sets are the only factors that attract them to each other!
However, when the initial attraction starts waning off, their relationship can take a toss because of their completely dissimilar natures. The Gemini is very adventurous and fun loving; while the Virgo is serious and cautious. The Gemini is very detached; while the Virgo wants security in a relationship. The Gemini is a born flirt and very passionate; which will bring out the much suppressed anger and jealousy from the Virgo. The Virgo is very balanced and patient; while on the other hand, the Gemini is changeable and impatient. Therefore, there will be many frictions when these two individuals meet each other.
The Virgo and Gemini compatibility can be positive, if they learn to get over their differences. Interestingly, once the differences are sorted, these individuals appear as if made for each other. The Gemini will become calm and stable in the company of the Virgo. The Virgo will bring a systematic order to the life of the Gemini. The Gemini needs to keep his flirtatious and flighty in check; and the Virgo should learn to control his / her critical nature. Lastly, one of the most important thing the Gemini and Virgo should learn is to be open and verbal about one's feelings and emotions, rather than keeping them bottled up. This will help in sorting most of their problems and differences.
We can conclude by saying that the one thing that sums up the Virgo and Gemini relationship, is unusualness. The relationship can be very exciting due to their similarities or can be completely cracked due to their differences. There are many things both of them will learn from each other; and the relationship will only work if they take this into serious consideration. Ciao!
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