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Zodiac Symbols and Meanings: A Must-read for Astrology Enthusiasts

Zodiac Symbols and Meanings
Astrology and zodiac signs fascinate one and all. Even skeptics and critics research zodiac symbols and signs to stack up their arguments against them. For all those interested, we have some juicy titbits about your star sign.
Sayali Bedekar Patil
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Zodiac constellations vector symbols
Aries - The Ram
aries zodiac symbol
Mar 21st to Apr 19th
The zodiac symbol of Aries acknowledges the fact that Ariens are most typically headstrong, stubborn, and 'act-first-and think-later' kind of individuals. It is easy to see how the symbol aptly represents an Aries individual who usually has a broad forehead and sharp facial features. An interesting fact is that Ariens are more prone to head injuries at various stages of their lives. Ruling Planet: Mars. Element: Fire.
Taurus - The Bull
taurus zodiac symbol
Apr 20th to May 20th
Taureans are typically muscular, and more often than not, can be identified with their thick neck structure, broad back and shoulders, round and chubby faces. Taureans tend to be obstinate, difficult to sway, slow, and sometimes lazy. It is rare to find slim, boney and underweight Taureans, unless they have other strong natal influences in their birth charts. Ruling Planet: Venus. Element: Earth.
Gemini - The Twins
gemini zodiac symbol
May 21st to Jun 20th
Geminis are usually two personalities caught in one body, they are almost always caught between two issues or between two decisions that are unfortunately mutually exclusive. If you see an individual having the most conflicting of actions and words, that change every two seconds, you have a Gemini at hand. They are almost always multitasking and rushing around, talking fast, eating faster - blame it on their mercurial temperament. Ruling Planet: Mercury. Element: Air.
Cancer - The Crab
cancer zodiac symbol
Jun 21st to Jul 22nd
Interpretations of the Cancer symbol are womanhood, tenacity (grip on things) and nourishment. Being a strong feminine sign, you can observe feminine traits like being emotional, being expressive and being sensitive and nurturing in both males and females. Their EQ is high and one highly amusing trait observed is that they revere their mothers, and get annoyed easily if someone ticks them off! Ruling Planet: The Moon. Element: Water.
Leo - The Lion
leo zodiac symbol
Jul 23rd to Aug 22nd
Leos can easily be spotted out in a crowd with their thick, uncontrolled locks of hair that complement their tawny jungle skin and beautiful brown (usually) eyes. The sign symbolizes aristocracy, grace, freedom and sensuality, all of which make up a Leo. There is just one thing that a Leo cannot do, and that is to tame his/her hair. You will find locks of hair always leaping out of their restrictions and gleefully showing off their freedom despite all odds. Ruling Planet: The Sun. Element: Fire.
Virgo - The Virgin
virgo zodiac symbol
Aug 23rd to Sep 22nd
Virgo is the only female representation of the zodiac and stands to represent the Roman and Greek goddesses of Ceres and Demeter respectively. Virgins (Virgo people) are usually critical to the point of obsession with regards to their weight, physical appearance, eating habits and general health. It is usually the virgin who's usually doling out tried and tested home remedies for routine maladies plaguing the mortal world. Ruling Planet: Mercury. Element: Earth.
Libra - The Weighing Scales
libra zodiac symbol
Sep 23rd to Oct 22nd
Most Librans are obsessed with meting out justice to the point of appearing extremely indecisive. Librans are all about the right balance of everything from the color of their houses, nutrition in their food, to equality in their relationships. It is easy to detect a Libra in your friend circle. Just pick up a fight with someone and check the one that first lends his ears to the argument, he is a Libra. Ruling Planet: Venus. Element: Air.
Scorpio - The Scorpion
scorpio zodiac symbol
Oct 23rd to Nov 21st
It is a well-known fact that Scorpios have a tendency to remember old (ancient for the rest of us, for most have possibly forgotten them) wounds and hunt down the object that caused them hurt, for revenge. This sign also stands for strength and determination to achieve what it wants. No Scorpion will ever own up to it, but Scorpions are so seriously seeking information that they can sometimes (just sometimes) even stoop to eavesdropping on gossipers. Ruling Planet: Pluto. Element: Water.
Sagittarius - The Archer
sagittarius zodiac symbol
Nov 22nd to Dec 21st
The fire-driven Sagittarius archer is a half-man half-horse centaur that goes about shooting random arrows at random things. Sagittarians are unable to say things with tact or diplomacy. If taken constructively, they can help build a strong foundation for a lasting legacy, but if taken wrongly (or if they hit a very sore point) they are capable of ending many budding dreams. Cut him slack, the poor guy didn't mean it, really. I'll vouch for him. Ruling Planet: Jupiter. Element: Fire.
Capricorn - The Goat
capricorn zodiac symbol
Dec 22nd to Jan 19th
The Earth-ruled Capricorn symbol is said to represent wisdom beyond years (from earlier lives) and grit and determination to tide over uphill battles. Capricorns have a naturally inbuilt system to tackle aging. Believe it or not, these are the individuals who always appear younger than their age. You are sure to envy them when you are saddled with crow's feet and sagging cheeks. Ruling Planet: Saturn. Element: Earth.
Aquarius - The Water Bearer
aquarius zodiac symbol
Jan 20th to Feb 18th
Depicted as the water bearer in the zodiac, it is ruled by the electric Uranus and being gifted with eccentric qualities justifies its symbolism. Aquarius is the critical analyzer and intellectual thinker of the zodiac and is known for his 'break-the-status-quo-and-revolt' kind of ideology. Aquarius is a fixed sign, and it is very difficult to sway them from their decisions and opinions. Ruling Planet: Uranus. Element: Air
Pisces - The Fish
pisces zodiac symbol
Feb 19th to Mar 20th
The Pisces symbol represents two conflicting souls trapped in one body. The symbol stands for the complexity of this sensitive zodiac sign that tends to live in a world of its own. If you thought that Pisces was all about flowing with the tide and avoiding confrontations, beware! These Pisceans can be aggressive, ambitious and driven; and would not mind squelching your advances with simple, sharp and sarcastic remarks. Ruling Planet: Neptune. Element: Water.