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Can a Gemini Man and a Capricorn Woman Get Along?

Can a Gemini Man and a Capricorn Woman Get Along?
The pairing of a Capricorn woman and a Gemini man is rather odd by astrology standards. Thus, the bigger question being how did they get along in the first place? Let's find out what brought them together, and what is going to make them stay together to make this relationship work.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
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"Opposites attract, and I think temperament is so fundamental that you end up craving someone of the opposite temperament to complete you."
― Susan Cain
She is the earthy beauty, and he is the airy charm. At first sight, her ethereal beauty becomes his predilection. As the two spend more time together, his intellect trumps over her calculative nature. Slowly and steadily she responds to his game of chase, until she makes a sweet surrender to his witty, intelligent, and risqué ways. What truly initiates a rhythm in their courtship is their high-octave physical attraction. The two get together, despite their eventual contradicting natures.

So what really brings them together? And how do they make it through, despite being so different from each other? The mysteries surrounding these questions make it not only an astrological wonder, but also a union that has a lot to teach the other zodiacs. Before we actually decipher how a Gemini man and a Capricorn woman can get along, let's try to see who they really are. Here's an understanding of these two zodiacs, layer by layer, so that we know what made them click in the first place.
Relationship Dynamics of a Gemini Man and a Capricorn Woman
Traits of a Gemini Man
Symbolized by the twins, mistaken as the two sides of the same coin, and a persona that displays Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde, a Gemini man is a lot of things rolled into one package. He is a voracious reader, an enigmatic talker, a lover of arts, and a man forever on the journey to satiate his intellect. Just like every other zodiac sign, the traits of a Gemini man oscillate between the good and bad. But, it is the inherent duality in his nature that makes him a puzzle for every seeker, whether in friendship or a romantic relationship.

There is never truly knowing a Gemini man. He comes across as a very energetic, intelligent, clever, smart, imaginative, witty, adaptable, and charming person. However, beneath this, he has many layers of superficiality, impulsive behavior, restless mind, devious scheming, indecisiveness, and sometimes, passive aggression too.
Flirty man
A Gemini man's flirty irresistible charm and a show of high standards tends to create a smokescreen for his deepest darkest emotions. It takes years of investment in this set of twins to find out what lies in this abyss of emotions, and despite all of this, he may still remain an elusive surprise.
Romantic gestures of man
He often tends to make grand romantic gestures, luring the object of his affection into a love game. Being earthy and modest, after all, cannot be expected of this air sign. As he succinctly assumes the role of a chaser, he uses his every honest bit to assure his woman of his alpha male status. He takes every opportunity, social and otherwise, to reiterate his stance in the game of love. This social butterfly with effervescent curiosity, perky talk, and a versatile mind, gathers himself a swarm of admirers.
The lack of perseverance makes the Gemini look for a new obsession even before he can complete the task at hand. The incessant craving to explore something new, keeps him on his toes and that also becomes his biggest bane. A Gemini would rather wander and wonder, instead of root and anchor himself in a place or a commitment.
Traits of a Capricorn Woman
This ethereal earthy charm zodiac is one of the most steadfast zodiac signs of all. But these Capricorn women are a tough nut to crack. Their alluring looks get more and more youthful with their age. This makes them radiant and wise with passing years, a combination that is truly hard to resist. Born with ingrained assertion, Capricorn women have great careers no matter what field they choose. For that matter, they could even opt to be homemakers, and raise a picture-perfect family. Ambitious, reserved, determined, relentless, practical, helpful, and methodical, a Capricorn woman makes a plan that she is sure to make it work. For eons, the tenacity of a Capricorn woman has made both men and women admire her and be inspired by her.
Owing to her innate nature of a mountain goat, a Capricorn woman's sole drive is to climb high up to the top, where she is the powerhouse calling the shots. This ambition-fueled drive tends to leave people in her orbit behind, and that includes her romantic partner. Her go-getter attitude also becomes her arch-nemesis, causing her to create many misunderstandings and being misunderstood along the way to glory. The spiral effect of this is seen by the great wall she builds around her to protect herself and guards her emotional vulnerability with her life. Thus, beneath her cool, composed, and collected surface remains an undiscovered volatile fireball of emotions seeking a soulful release.
Serious conversation of couple
The height of her defenses is such that scaling it is a task every zodiac must assume if they wish to be with her. Seldom does a Capricorn woman ever fall in love at first sight. After all, she is practical and knows that heart is a mere muscle that cannot direct a right decision ever. Thus, she thinks straight through her head, gauging and testing the depth and the current of the water. Once this thoroughbred decides to fall in love (and yes she does!), love is a matter of serious seriousness. There is nothing mindless about it. There must be plans that spell security, assurances, and calculated risks.
At the end of it if she believes you to be the 'one', she takes the leap and unveils herself to be a loyal, trustworthy, and a helpful companion through better or worse, until you decide to do otherwise. As a partner and one with heightened intuition, she will get to know her partner thoroughly and be a fair judge of the balance in the relationship. As years go by, she will steer her relationship towards building a strong fortification where she can anchor herself, provide well for her children, and know that she has succeeded in making her plan work right up to the end.
Their Compatibility
As is clear from the above character traits, a Capricorn woman seeks anchorage, while a Gemini man is forever in search of a new adventure. Herein lies the basic dichotomy of their relationship. The classic duality of a Gemini man seeps in and creates a conflict of innate interest for the serious Capricorn. This is what makes this pair a rather unusual one.
The attitude of a flighty Gemini envelopes the relationship in a casual tone, while Capricorn tries to bring about a sense of stability. As he plans how the couple should have fun on the next vacation, she voices her concerns about getting the best deal so as to save a buck. As they embark on a venture of togetherness, they begin to discover each other's traits that lead them on a track that is both fascinating and frustrating.
Boyish behavior
The Gemini man is a child at heart, whose maturity is trumped by his boyish behavior. He prefers to live in the moment, rather than engage emotionally and think about what the next moment holds. On the other hand, the Capricorn woman always behaves older than her age, even in her younger days. Her cool distant appearance stands out against her Gemini mate. However, if he decides to dig deeper and looks carefully, he will find a far more lovable, sensitive, and caring companion. She doesn't demand a constant show of affection or love. All she craves for, deep within her heart, is a heartfelt acceptance from her partner. In a match between a Gemini man and a Capricorn woman, the latter pushes the former to shoulder responsibilities that will help them (together) to achieve the stability she craves. Her innate desire for reaching a serene, stable, and a sound plain―which the Gemini man thinks is flatlining of life―drives her to pursue a career or a path with a promising future.
Couple promising each other
A Gemini man counters this seriousness by urging the Capricorn woman to come out of her shell, to try to take a leap of faith to achieve her goal. On the plus side is the Capricorn woman's conviction in the effort she puts into the relationship to make it work. This counters the Gemini's inability to maintain relationships, as his eternally wandering mind always finds a home to come back to. This is a relationship filled with several ups and downs, highs and lows, and one that promises a happy ending if the two decide to come together. There is a lot that these two individuals have to share and exchange to make a great relationship.
The Resolve
To begin with, both signs need to draw up a concrete and clear picture of their relationship, that doesn't go into too much detail. In their case, the devil lies in the details. A Gemini man needs to understand a Capricorn woman's need for security and stability, while she occasionally needs to indulge in some impulsive revelry. If the two can make these basic concepts clear amongst themselves, their relationship can be a show of beautiful fireworks. Trying to understand each other's deepest nature is the only way to understand how to make their relationship work. Capricorn's practical approach towards life, and Gemini's intellect, muddled with impishness, can help the two achieve their collective and individual dreams. Due to their clashing inherent traits, they ensure excitement in their relationship, which sometimes can become too much to handle.

Besides the emotional bond the two forge, the sexual relationship the two share isn't an intense one. It could be fulfilling if the two settle on what one offers to the other. The mystical Capricorn forever continues to attract the Gemini man, while his charming talks keep appealing to her intellect. This earthy soul finds a soothing release with every breath that blows her way. What they need to do is explore each other's desires and submit to them. The more they try to assert their way, the more displeasing is their connect. However, in most cases, a Capricorn woman and a Gemini man settle in an equation that is comforting. To achieve this state, the two suppress each other's desires, thus reaching a rather mundane point in their relationship.

To bring out the excitement in this relationship, the Gemini man needs to understand the Capricorn woman's bossy behavior, and she needs to take into account the importance of having fun. If both take away the pressures of molding the other person to suit their needs, this relationship of contrasts can work wonders.
The match of a Capricorn woman and a Gemini man is that of opposites. But don't they say opposites attract? And yes they do, like two opposing poles of a magnet! If the two keep recollecting and igniting this magical starting point of their relationship, then their union can be truly wondrous. Thus, the only way in which a Capricorn woman and a Gemini man can get along is by reminding themselves of the very first reason why they ever fell in love with each other.