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Is a Pisces Man Really Compatible with a Libra Woman?

Is a Pisces Man Compatible with a Libra Woman?
There is no clear answer to whether a Pisces man is compatible with a Libra woman. Both of these peace-loving individuals may or may not find their soulmates in each other. AstrologyBay discusses the relationship compatibility between them, explaining the 'whys' and 'why nots' of their togetherness.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Soulmates or Not?
A Pisces () man is emotional, while a Libra () woman is intellectual and practical. While he wanders to his dreamy realms, she tries to balance herself between the dream world and the real world. A great understanding and the willingness to adjust for each other would take this union to an ethereal level. However, the inability of doing so would end this union soon enough.
Pisces is a mutable water sign, while Libra is a cardinal air sign. This works both for and against these two. Being a cardinal sign, the Libra woman is the path shower and the initiator of things, new ventures, and new course of action. On the other hand, the Pisces man, being a mutable sign, is an adjuster. He doesn't mind following the Libra woman. In fact, new changes and ventures add to his yearning for spiritual adventures, where he gets to explore the different realms of this life. She doesn't mind taking the credit and limelight in the process, and he smilingly lets her enjoy the attention. Sounds like the perfect fit, doesn't it?

Well, two peace-loving people will only infuse peace in each other's life, right? Well, not really. Trouble brews when they fail to see life through each other's eyes. The following section elaborates their individual characteristics along with their compatibility.
Relationship Compatibility of a Pisces Man and a Libra Woman
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Both of them are hardcore romantics and share deep admiration for art and intellectual conversations. They both are bound to get attracted to each other without amiss. His mysteriousness, thoughtfulness, patience, and love for art would be enough to intrigue this female. On the other hand, the intelligence, femininity, and a unique balance of practicality and spirituality of this woman would catch the attention of the fish. Know that when it comes to a Pisces man, one doesn't need to portray perfection. Something offbeat and eccentric about you would be the first thing he will get interested in. This side of him is somewhat ironic as he is a mutant. In the sense, he can easily wear different persona to fit into a circle, often getting befuddled about his own reality. Even the Libra woman is good at personifying. But this can't go on forever, can it?
When Reality Sinks In ...
These two will be off to a great start with everything seeming to be dream-like, like the princess has found that man of her dreams, and prince charming has finally met someone who understands his dreams and ideologies, and at times, successfully balances his life when he wanders deep into his spiritual and emotional realms by giving him a wake-up call. However, this she must do in a very subtle way because this guy is emotionally vulnerable. If he is in a relationship, he will give his everything into it; however, if his partner fails to understand his emotions or tries to manipulate or demean his beliefs, he will not hesitate to drift apart, swimming deep into the realms of the ocean where he will find the solitude he needs to replenish himself.
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The Libra woman needs comfort, lavishness, and a sense of security in her life, and her partner should be equipped to provide that. The dilemma is that the fish may or may not provide this balance of security that she needs, which also includes emotional security. He is secretive in nature with something or the other always brewing in his mind. He doesn't lie to his woman, but many times, when he feels that she wouldn't be able to understand his point of view, he chooses not to share. This is one thing that can cause a sense of insecurity in her mind. Another thing that may seem to worry her is his emotional absence when she needs him to take charge of the everyday issues or face reality. His need to be left alone at times bothers her, making her doubt his loyalty. Interestingly, both these individuals have the tendency to wander away from each other as the lack of communication increases the gap between them, often finding solace in someone else. Yes, although these two consider it to be wrong, but in desperate times, they are very well capable of infidelity.
What Should They Hold On To ...
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The mutual interests and the good times. The thing is, this relationship is not all that bad if both of them know what to focus on. They sure have a great time together, be it when they are going together to art fairs, reading out poetry to each other under a shady tree, or making love. The physical union of these two signs is phenomenal. A Pisces man is a great lover, soft, gentle, thoughtful, and willing to be what you want him to be at the time. On the other hand, the Libra woman, who is otherwise well-composed, feels comfortable to let go of her balance and lets herself loose in his arms. In fact, it wouldn't be wrong to say that this intimate session is the only time she comes out of her shell and lets her experimental fantasies take over ... something that the Pisces man enjoys. This strengthens their bond to an extent that they willingly get over whatever misunderstandings they had and enter this physical-yet-spiritual fantasy world.
The Final Verdict!
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Although it may be quite difficult a task, if they somehow manage to overcome their differences, insecurities, and expectations, and accept each other the way they are, with some sincere effort and willingly adjustments, this relationship can turn out to be quite a fulfilling one. While she can teach her mate to see the practical side of life, she can loosen up a bit by sharing his dreamy view of life. She loves to dominate, and he doesn't mind being dominated if he is sure that it is being done out of love and concern, and not because of an attempt to change or manipulate him. Also, she loves to initiate, and he loves to take a backseat and follow, thus, observing, exploring, and learning from the process. They both are wise, understanding, peace-loving, sensitive, and often confused in life. They share a lot of common interests, which can pave way for a fresh beginning after a rough ride. If the Pisces man manages to show his analytical and practical side at times and the Libra woman spares her harsh words or indifferent behavior to show her man the "reality", then this relationship is a sure gift to both of them.