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Love Compatibility Between a Gemini Man and a Scorpio Woman

Compatibility Between Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman
A somehow fickle-minded guy with a self-composed, focused, yet extremely jealous and revengeful beauty? Doesn't sound like a great idea, does it? But where there is love, there is hope. AstrologyBay gives you an insightful explanation of the relationship compatibility between a Gemini man and a Scorpio woman to help you understand how to make this union a successful one.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Gemini ♊ and Scorpio ♏ : To Be or Not to Be?
An instant bonding shall take place.
Love and admiration shall make your hearts race.
But all shall mellow as doubts and frustration pry.
To save your bond, you must try.
Give each other some space,
and again this union will be embraced.
We are talking about the union of the two people who have an absolutely opposite way of living life. Opposites do attract, even when it comes to these two individuals. While the guy respects her confidence, clarity towards life, and her poise, that she carries off with great strength and dignity, this beauty is enchanted by his intelligence and ability to be youthfully charming despite all odds. They both tend to get attracted towards each other merely by the need to understand each other so that the curiosity aroused is somehow brought to rest. The things that did seem amazingly attractive initially, tend to become the very things that create some serious ripples between these two.

You can't say that the problems in this union will arise due to "somebody's fault", it's just the incompatibility of these two, it's just how they are! The following section will take you through the key points that make this a somewhat odd match. Not that they can't overcome their issues and make a great bond, all they need to do is try. Who says love is easy!
Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman Relationship Compatibility
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Our male protagonist is a mutable air sign and has many sides to his personality. This is the reason why Geminis are also called double-faced beings. He falls under a zodiac sign that bears the symbol of the twins. He is a careless, outgoing, socializing, and highly unpredictable being who loves to explore. On the other hand, our female protagonist is a fixed water sign. She is who she is, whether or not accepted by the others. She is mysterious, enigmatic, extremely possessive, and has a knack of stinging those who hurt her. Yes, this female is a passionate lover, and an even more passionate revenge seeker. So, if you, as a guy, are looking for something not-so serious, then we warn you to stay off this damsel, because she can put you in a lot of distress!
What Brings Them Together?
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The fact that how can someone be so different from them, in a pleasing way of course! The wandering soul of a Gemini man, who is constantly looking for stimulation, excitement, and fun, meets a woman that has a sense of charm in her demeanor. How can she be so poised, so sure about her life, while he is so clueless? She is who she is, while he sometimes struggles to understand what he is and what he seeks. She, on the other hand, gets attracted towards his intelligence, his creative approach, and his multifaceted realms. She thinks of him like an interesting puzzle that she is curious to solve. She wonders what his truth is, what his real-self is, and this is what gets her into this relationship. Although, he is not as sexual as her, she still manages to captivate him through her sexuality and passion, using these as the means to solve his puzzle-like conduct. They both are intelligent beings, and initially, it interests them to get engrossed in some great conversations through which they can view life from each other's perspective.
What Makes Them Apart?
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Their way of seeing life. A Gemini man doesn't understand privacy or responsibility, or the need of getting jealous and possessive, and a Scorpio woman is all of these things and more. She needs her privacy and the Gemini man's constant questioning and taunting regarding the aspects he doesn't get, may lead to some friction between them. This guy loves to roam around, and you can't expect him to be glued to one particular place like his woman expects him to be. This arises doubts, insecurities, and anger in her mind, often getting suspicious about him cheating on her. On the other hand, this unstable, childlike man may get startled by her constant nagging and possessive nature. He might feel that she is somewhat scary with evil intentions in her heart. He might feel repulsive, and like his nature, may move on to someone who lightens up the stress this relationship is taking him through. There is nothing more dangerous than a deceived Scorpio woman, and she does all that she can to get back at him so that he remembers her revenge for the rest of his life. Post that, she will also move on in search of a mate who can fulfill her emotional needs and give her a sense of security and spirituality in a relationship, which the Gemini man could never provide.
What Can Keep Them Going?
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In spite of being so completely different from each other, hope still remains if these two are willing to let go of the bad times and change their attitude a tad bit to make the other feel at ease. An example for the same would be this: If the Scorpio woman can learn how to respect her man's privacy, if she could (with a lot of difficulty) give him some space so that he continues to socialize and explore more, rather than being tied down to her all the time, and if the Gemini man can understand his woman's passionate and spiritual need of love and commitment, and work towards it, then, and only then, can this relationship work out. The woman here needs to be more trusting when it comes to this man, and the man should understand that the possessiveness and anger fits that she has is not because she is obsessed, it is because she is possessive and wants him to be only hers. With a lot of effort from both sides, this relationship might just overcome all odds and flourish in love, curiosity, intelligent conversations, and passionate lovemaking.
Scorpio is a fixed sign, hence there is a strong resistance to change in her; however, the saving grace in this relationship could be the Gemini man, who is a mutable sign, meaning, he can adapt easily according to the situation, provided he is willing to do so. The persuasion here, could be love that his woman gives him, and trust and faith that she puts in him. If he sees that she is willing to understand him, he will reciprocate as well. In conclusion, we would just say that although these two are not each other's soulmate in any way, it would take a lot of adjustments for them to be able to stick together. A long-term relationship between these two is unlikely, but still stands a chance in case the initial attraction they shared for each other continues to motivate them towards making things work.