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An Outline of the Significant Characteristics of Aries Males

Characteristics of an Aries Male
We've all dealt with our own share of men under different zodiac signs, but the one sign that will stand out quite significantly is an Arian male. This piece here outlines the characteristics of an Aries male.
Uttara Manohar
Last Updated: Jan 23, 2018
An Aries male is not an easy one to get along with. Now, you may tell yourself that none of this is true or get 'hot headed' (number one character trait of an Arian) when you look over these characteristics of Aries males. Be open to the perception of others that you aren't really easy to handle, although the good side of you if shown more often, you will definitely prove to be great friends.
A Summation of the Characteristics of an Aries Male
Born between March 21 to April 20, Arians are:

The Bright Side
'Breakfast-in-bed' surprise for an Arain guy
'Breakfast-in-bed' surprise for an Arain guy
~ Arian men love surprises. Whether it is an out-of-the-blue gift or an offer to go on a trip together, he is up for anything that requires excitement.
~ Close friends will discover that the selfish Arian does have a generous side, only that it comes naturally to those he thinks deserves it. He's surprisingly cheerful and not his usual dark self when he's among friends / family.
Arian guy enjoying an adventure sport
Arian guy enjoying an adventure sport
~ Their adventurous nature allows them to explore different thrilling experiences, which is good for someone who's always so pissed off.
~ He's known to be good at saving money, although this trait doesn't apply to all Arians. They're good at making money, but apparently not saving it (financially reckless as some put it). Some men do save money quite well. They love the idea of freedom and hate being tied down to anything, that is where their thrifty selves take over because of this trait.
~ They're clever and smart in certain areas, but aren't exactly philosophers.

~ They're courageous, dynamic, loving, and bond with loved ones.
Arian men like shy women
Arian men like shy women
~ Aries men like women who are girlish and have extremely feminine qualities like being shy, dependent, and eager-to-please.
~ Arian men help out the unfortunate and have a tendency to assist those who lack monetary or material needs.
~ They're quite active and are usually full of life and enthusiasm when it comes to activities or outings.
Arian men are insanely romantic!
Arian men are insanely romantic!
~ He's a born romantic. A woman would be lucky to see this side if the Arian man she is dating, is in love with her.
~ He expects potential partners to be smart and good-looking since external appearances matter greatly to him.
Arian guys usually have a positive attitude
Arian guys usually have a positive attitude
~ Most Arian men are optimistic, although they can turn bitter from bad experiences.
The Dark Side
Arian guys are disgustingly short-tempered
Arian guys are disgustingly short-tempered
~ An astrologer by the name of Raphael, said that three words best described an Arian - commanding, choleric (short-tempered), and violent. Why do you think a raging ram depicts an Arian? Moving on. An Arian male is known for his short-fused circuit board, ready to go off and smoking like a room on fire if you push his buttons or displease him in any way. They're known for their belligerence and can throw temper tantrums that can make anyone shrink back in fear and disgust.
~ Their egos are a size that one cannot comprehend. An Arian man will refuse to admit to his shortcomings and will in fact expect you to crawl back to him, whether it is your fault or not. Being stubborn and self-obsessed are their damaging traits.
Arian men are highly selfish
Arian men are highly selfish
~ They're impulsive, insensitive, bold, selfish, domineering, impatient, and highly outspoken.
~ They are confrontational and controlling.

~ They can start off a project but won't see it through until its end.
Arian men are quite manipulative
Arian men are quite manipulative
~ A trait that also makes it to the top of the list on the same lines as their anger issues, is manipulation. Whether it is circumstantial or between friends or colleagues, an Arian knows how to get what he wants by playing with words.
~ Because of their pushy natures, they tend to push women away from them. Their demanding attitudes will cause a strain on relationships, where the fairer sex will have to be very understanding and patient when dealing with this overpowering trait.
Arian men are easily susceptible
Arian men are easily susceptible
~ An Arian when not in love or sexually satisfied, will give in to infidelity without thinking twice about the feelings of his partner.
~ They're moody and irritant (much like women when they PMS; just drawing an example, no offense) and can blow up if you're not careful around this trait.
At work, Arian men need to be the controlling ONE
At work, Arian men need to be the controlling ONE
~ They prefer job profiles where they are in control and not where someone else is dictating the rules. They cannot work well in teams either because of their lack of self-expression or the constant need to be leaders and not followers.
~ If a partner lacks their bedroom enthusiasm, they can drift away from them. Women should know that talking about things openly and sharing each other's needs is important, in order to tame the Arian and have your way as well in the sack.
An Arian man sounds like a complicated jigsaw puzzle to play with, but once you know how to handle such a man it's a piece of cake. Just be sure that you talk things out with an Arian, pointing out areas of fault that are obvious and approaching problems like two mature adults. If you do decide to be with an Arian man, be ready for one hell of a roller coaster ride.
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