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Amazingly Fascinating Facts About the Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Facts about Aquarius
Aquamarine and opal are the two birthstones of those belonging to the 11th zodiac sign, Aquarius. Here are some very interesting facts about Water-Bearers who ironically belong to one of the three air signs.
Maya Pillai
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
There's a fine line between genius and insanity.
~ Oscar Levant
This wisecrack by the multifaceted actor can be perfectly used for all those born between January 20th to February 19th for most often, the members of this group do away with that line. All Aquarians, even those who are sharp as tacks intellectually, believe with their entire being that 'it is all in the mind'. Intellectual stimulation is the only excitant that works for them and if you cannot stir those Aquarian gray cells, you are pretty much cast out of even their peripheral vision. They will not waste their time on people or things that are mundane and cannot be pulled up to greater levels of evolution. Period. Here are some other things that you should know and note before venturing into Uranian environs.
Facts about Aquarius
None that is Clichéd!
The first thing that one should know about a quintessential Aquarian - man, woman, or child - is that they detest banality and clichés of any kind. Do not misunderstand this trait. You see, an Aquarian will respect your need to do certain things the traditional way, your belief in certain things, and your behavioral quirks. They love quirks. But, they will support and respect these things only after understanding why you do the things you do, whether you have taken the efforts to question your beliefs and found a rationale behind your choices, and how consciously you take your decisions.
Aquarius Personality Traits
~ Friendly
~ Intellectual
~ Creative
~ Changing
~ Honest
~ Unpredictable
Now, for instance, an Aquarian will totally understand if you tell her that you are a vegetarian. She will even respect the fact that you are a vegetarian because your entire family consists of vegetarians. She will love your stance to not eat the flesh of other living beings. But, if you tell her that you are strictly against eating meat and killing animals and then go about flaunting your pure leather belt and mink coat, you are done for. Double standards are not their thing. Neither is the inability to understand one's own beliefs. To them, it reflects a mind which is unclear and, therefore, inferior. Do things in the most common way possible. Their only condition is that you know why you are doing it. Simple.
Oh, really! Why?
Secondly, Aquarians are supremely individualistic people with a rebellious streak in them. They hate conforming to norms for the sake of conforming. They will ask you a barrage of questions and blunt ones at that. In fact, they may have been the coiners of the first pointed questions ever asked. It is not difficult to convince them if you are being completely honest. It is, however, very difficult to bluff your way past these people. They just know instinctively when you are lying or even slightly contorting the truth. Their curiosity levels can actually thump the curious ways of Sagittarians and that is something very difficult to accomplish. Remember, a line like "you must do this because I said so" will never ever work when dealing with an Aquarian for you do not command these people. On the contrary, it will only bring out the very aggressive, yet highly dignified fighter in them. You want them to do something? Tell them why. Better still, convince them enough to take you seriously for the times to come.
You're MY Friend! Who is That?
Aquarians surround themselves with friends. In fact, you will often wonder how a single person can afford to have so many friends and manage to keep in touch with each one of them on a regular basis. Aquarians own their friends. They are fiercely possessive and protective of their friends. And, they are not covert about it. They will openly question you if they see you cozying up to someone else. They hate being left out of your life and are very clear about it. Trust me, it all seems worth it at the end of the day because they make your life utopian in every way they can. They love their friends unflinchingly and immeasurably. They become your rock and bouncing board when you are in trouble. They will hold your hand when you need to cry your eyes out and not complain once. So, why shouldn't they have the right to question your devotion towards them after all this?

However, here's the catch - Aquarians allow very few of these people she calls friends to actually enter her inner circle, i.e., people she will share her deepest darkest secrets with. If you become one of them, you are truly lucky and worthy of becoming a national spy with all your secret-keeping skills. It is then that an Aquarian will do everything in her power to cement the bond for life. No matter how bitter the fights get, how irreparable the damage seems, the water-bearer will pick up the reins, shun the ego, and make up with you. If you are a person who does not keep in touch easily, your Aquarian friend will make it a point to call you regularly and keep calling you until you receive the call. It is an investment that they will give their lives to protect and sustain.
Only Change is Constant
Remember the point where I told you that these people despise banality? Well, from this hatred and the need to exercise those hyperactive gray cells continually, stems the need for creative and innovative environs. They need to be around people who can understand their creative urges and can reciprocate with equal vehemence. They thrive in brain-storming sessions with people who completely understand the new to keep making and coining new ideas. Stagnation is a total, complete, utter turn-off for them. The need to evolve and become better is absolute in these people and they do everything in their power to keep the wheel turning and moving forward. This is the reason why you will find Aquarians always learning something or the other - calligraphy, graphology, a foreign language, mandala art, driving - no matter what age they are. Age to them is just a number and they need to do, see, experience everything under the sun in just one lifetime.
Famous Aquarians
~ Abraham Lincoln
~ Wolfgang Mozart
~ Clark Gable
~ Oprah Winfrey
~ Mark Spitz
And if you are a good friend, they will take you along on this journey to become better with them. In fact, you will not be given an option or even be asked whether or not you wish to join them. They will tell you. Period. You see, they are not oblivious to the imperfections in themselves or the world around. As a matter of fact, they know it more than most people. But they do not see the point in not striving to get rid of those imperfections, especially when there are means to do so. These are very encouraging, positive people who will add as much productivity in your life as possible. You cannot swim? No problem, just learn it.
That's Totally Possible!
People of this sign are visionaries. They are always ahead of their times and are mentally living in a place where others will reach physically in another 50 years. Add to this, the razor-sharp gray cells and you will know why so many scientists inevitably turn out to be Aquarians. They see and believe in the possibility of things today that we will not even be able to envisage tomorrow. In their utopian world, everything is possible and so strong are their beliefs in them that these visions are almost tangible. They are struck by a continuous and never-ending volley of ideas and they shift gears unexpectedly to make room for incorporating these ideas immediately. This may strike as inconsistency and fickle-mindedness to many, but to an Aquarian, changing plans to accommodate newer and smarter ideas is the only way to move forward and it is, therefore, that they strike gold in their endeavors so often. For they try to keep trying until they get at least close to what they have envisioned.
That's Not Too Much to Ask for!
Romantically, Aquarians are quite misunderstood. They are often viewed as highly promiscuous people. You see, Aquarians do not adhere to societal norms. They adhere to norms of their own and stick ardently to them. So, monogamous relationships are not understood by them in the manner a Virgo or a Cancerian would understand it. Aquarians have no issues with monogamy. They would happily love, care fore, pamper, cuddle with one person for a lifetime. But this is an ideal situation wherein the person reverts to their enthusiasm with equal gusto forevermore. They are practical people. They will not expect you to play the clown for them all the time. But they do expect you to keep the magic of romance alive in the smallest ways possible. They do it, too. They have ample friends to keep them company. If you are their romantic partner, they need you to go that extra mile to make it special for them. They go the extra three miles themselves.
Aquarius are Best Compatible With
~ Aries
~ Gemini
~ Libra
~ Sagittarius
What is wrong with their expectations? If they expect you to give them a call and inform them when you are out with friends and won't be able to call for the next four hours, then they will also honor your gesture by asking you to chill, switch off your phone, and just enjoy the time. They just need to know that you are busy and need time off with friends. Very reasonable and not very over-the-top, I feel. It is when partners fail to match their love for life, their enthusiasm to keep the romance alive, and their attempt to keep things fresh that these people get frustrated and move out. And because they seldom give a damn about social decorums of formal break-ups, they start seeing other people before their respective partners actually believe that they have left the building. Result? Viewed as philanderers. Think what you may, but for Aquarians, marriages do not take place just by signing a paper and divorces do not happen when the judge permits it at court. It happens when the water-bearer breaks the nip of her pen in her head. Like it. Do not like it. Your call. They do not believe in societal labels and that is just how the cookie crumbles.
Eclectically Yours
Physically, Aquarius men and women have certain specific and very noticeable traits. Uranians have straight, silky hair. Hair others would kill for. Also, it is quite common for Aquarian men to have certain feminine features and Aquarian women, certain masculine ones. This mainly happens due to the dual sexuality of their ruling planet, Uranus. So, you will often spot Aquarian women with broad shoulders and Aquarian men with big hips. These people are also taller than average and known for their regal gait. They will seldom stoop or slouch, unless of course a bout of sheer laziness has struck them.

They believe in being well-dressed and suited for the occasion. Again, out-of-the-box thinking takes over them in the dressing department as well. However, no matter how eclectically they choose to dress themselves up, they always keep it within the realms "visually pleasant" and tasteful. Trust them to have the most unique and queerly crafted pieces of jewelry and other accessories. But, they always manage to dress tastefully and team every accessory up with a complementary ensemble.
So, there you have it - the basics of any Aquarian character. They are fun, eccentric, highly-motivated, quite misunderstood, possessive, and very, very broad-minded individuals who will seldom judge your most bizarre actions. Try to see beneath that rigid demeanor and you will find a soft-hearted individual who will go all out to help you. They do come across as a little strong at times, but they go out of their way to make up for every harsh word they utter. The trick is to broaden your horizons with them and you shall know the true meaning of the term "liberation".