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Traits of an Ophiuchus Every Astrology Enthusiast Would Want to Know

Ophiuchus Traits
The following article will take you through some of the Ophiuchus traits and help you understand certain characteristics of this new entrant in the line of zodiac signs. Continue reading for more information.
Rujuta Borkar
So apparently, I'm an Ophiuchus now. Or so they tell me. I don't do well with change, and trust me, I don't like this one bit. I mean I couldn't even spell Ophiuchus right the first time around. Any way, if you've been in and around while this whole thing has been staging itself, then you'll have probably heard that it's quite likely that your zodiac sign has changed. Says who, you ask? The experts. They say that the Earth has shifted due to the gravitational pull of the moon and thereby the positions of all the astrological signs have changed further to give rise to new zodiac signs.
Furthermore, there is now a 13th zodiac sign that has been added to the list of existing signs - the Ophiuchus sign. People who are born in the period of 30th November to 17th December take after this sign, it is said. The Ophiuchus sign is characterized by a man who stands tall with a snake in his hands. It is because of this factor that this sign is also known as a Serpentarius sign. What are the Ophiuchus traits and how did they come to be? That is exactly what we will be studying about in the article that follows.
The Lore of the Ophiuchus
The Ophiuchus sign is based on a real person who lived in ancient Egypt and was called Imhotep. He was also known as Asklepios/Aesclepius by the Greeks and was the first doctor in history dating back to the 27 BC. The story goes that he once killed a snake which was about to attack him. Immediately after he had struck the snake dead, however, another snake entered the room with a herb in its mouth and revived the fallen snake.
Asklepios took the herb and thereby began his medical career. But with him reviving dead people back to life, it would mean that all of mankind would become immortal which could not be allowed. And therefore Zeus struck him dead. But honored him by allowing him a place in the stars. The medical profession honors Imhotep with the rod of Asclepius (known as the Caduceus) which has two snakes intertwined around it. This is recognized as the symbol for medicine. The term Ophiuchus literally means 'serpent' and 'holding' in Greek.
As a result of this, the Ophiuchus star has always been around they say. The newest zodiac sign falls under the Scorpio and Sagittarius signs and it is said that people who are born between the period November 30 - December 17 fall under the Ophiuchus star and have certain Ophiuchus traits to display. Let us study some of these traits and characteristics in the following paragraphs.
Ophiuchus Personality Traits
So now that there is a shift in all the signs, does it mean that everybody's characteristics suddenly change on the astrological signs and meanings front? Also, which new Ophiuchus characteristics will suddenly be formulated for this sign? They aren't 'new' apparently, it is said that the Ophiuchus personality traits are a mix of the Scorpio and Sagittarius personality traits and it is a blend of these traits that makes up the Ophiuchus personality. What are these traits?
Let us understand these in more detail through the following list:
  • People who fall under this sign are knowledge and wisdom seekers and try to garner the same throughout their lives.
  • These people are favored by authority figures.
  • They have a flamboyant dressing sense and are seen to prefer bright colors.
  • These people are seen to progress well throughout their lives. Steadily and surely.
  • It is their success that earns them many jealous onlookers as well as enemies with the evil eye.
  • It is a sign that attracts a lot of good luck and blessings.
  • They have varied astrological talents.
  • They are very intuitive and have a lot of foresight.
  • These people look to heal and attain a higher position in life.
  • They are bored of monotony and seek change in their routine.
  • They think with their hearts.
  • They are straightforward and honest.
  • They have a high sex appeal and are known to be charismatic. This is what makes them very popular among others.
  • They hate overbearing rules and restrictions and love their space and freedom to explore new avenues and satisfy their curiosity.
  • They like to excel in whatever they take up and want to be the best in that particular field.
  • They are quite open about their views on varied subjects and like to state their opinions. However, if their views or opinions are questioned, they do not take to it very well and make their displeasure felt.
  • They tend to make friends with different kinds of people and enjoy the variety that different groups offer. But some people of this zodiac also tend to break these friendships if they find that these friends have no use in their lives.
  • The number 12 is usually considered to be their lucky number.
  • They have a special love for arts and language and are highly passionate about pursuing the same.
  • They have less patience and do not like to indulge in meaningless or senseless banter.
  • They do not like to be treated or talked to as a subordinate or an inferior person.
  • They have a lot of pride and that is what makes them arrogant at times.
  • They can be secretive and mysterious and hide things.
  • These people are easily affected by jealously and therefore may develop trust issues.
  • They are always looking for adventure and new avenues and therefore are easily bored. This quality can spill into their relationships as well and they might not be the ideal candidates for a monogamous relationship.
  • They can have temper tantrums and a poison tongue, such that what they say can be very hurtful.
  • They have a sarcastic sense of humor and therefore tend to make very few friends who can understand this streak in them and can take it in their own stride.
The good, the bad and the ugly of the Ophiuchus traits is what these are. Now the deal is that this change in zodiac signs is bound to cause an uproar. Not one individual who believes in these signs is going to be able to take it lying low. And to those for whom astrological signs have always been the sort of deal to be taken with a pinch of salt, it only means that there is now a 13th Zodiac sign on the charts that is weirdly difficult to pronounce, has a man fighting a snake and has no symbol as of now. But is the Ophiuchus sign here to stay or will it be scrapped along the way? I'm not an expert to comment on that. I would also urge you to not take these traits to heart and wait for sometime till the world has it all figured out. Until then, I'm tempted to give in to the calling of the heart and say - I'm a Sagittarian for life. You have a problem with that?
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