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Personality Traits of Gemini-Cancer Cusps You'll Instantly Relate To

Personality Traits of a Gemini-Cancer Cusp
Also known as the Cusp of Magic, when the bubbly and flirtatious Gemini combines with sensitive and caring Cancer, it results in something Magical. The Gemini-Cancer combination is known to be benevolent to others, that's why they are the most caring zodiac combination. AstrologyBay will brief you about the personality traits of a Gemini-Cancer Cusp.
Ashmeet Bagga
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
Famous Gemini-Cancer cusps
Nicole Kidman: June 20
Meryl Streep: June 22
Lionel Richie: June 20
Prince William: June 21
It's a wonderful feeling when you realize that you were born as a cusp. You possess qualities of two zodiac signs. But every coin has two sides, just as with happiness comes sorrow, likewise, if you are blessed with the strength of two different zodiac signs, and you also possess the weakness.

If you are born between the 19th and 23rd of any given month, you have a blend of traits found in the two zodiac signs. Individuals born under this cusp are ruled by the planets Mercury and the Moon. The season being late spring and early summer. The associated elements comprise air and water. It is known as the cusp of magic, but there are few drawbacks too, like you may get upset for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, or you may have a hard time hiding your feelings of jealousy and possessiveness.

Gemini is a mutable sign ruled by Mercury, which represents travel, quick-wit, and intellect; whereas, Cancer is ruled by the planet Moon, which is associated with emotions and nourishment. So what happens when a person is born with favoring qualities of both these signs?

Let us take a look at the personality traits.
Personality Traits
Super Emotional
They are known to be super emotional, that's why you will find them surrounded by friends and family all the time. They attach themselves to that one particular person, be it their partner or their kids, and expect them to have the same feelings towards them. They are emotional but logical, honest people, and tend to make other people emotional as well. They abhor hatred. They can be quite demanding, and feel disappointed if their better half or family fails to be sensitive to their feelings and fulfill their desires.
Excellent Cooks
They are great lovers of food, and love to relish different types of food. They are all geared up when it comes to trying out new food. This makes them amazing cooks. Don't be surprised if your spouse is an excellent cook, he might just be a Gemini-Cancer cusp. They just don't love to cook for themselves, but are happy to fix something new for their loved ones as well.
They seem to have all the time in the world for anything, so if you plan to flee away from this girl/guy, they will patiently wait till you come back to your senses, and welcome you with the same passion and same amount of generosity. This is where people start taking them for granted as they forgive and forget easily. Because of their patient nature, they get along with almost anybody. After all, patience is a virtue.
They tend to be really private about their affairs. Even if they are broken inside or depressed, they will still welcome you with the most beautiful smile. This way you won't suspect that there is something wrong. However, if they are willing to share their innermost thoughts and feelings, it is with utmost respect and trust in that other person. They generally do not open up to the outer world.
They are very committed, once they take on some task. This rule applies to their personal lives too. Once they fall in love with somebody, they are devoted and always strive to maintain the relationship for the rest of their lives. So, even if the pair has a breakup, this cusp would still try to work out things between them.
Because of their emotional and sensitive nature, they tend to be very demanding at times, which puts off the other person. Demanding can be in the form of asking for extra love and attention.
They have the ability to find inspiration from the simplest of things. They may get an idea to start a school or an NGO while fidgeting with their pen. Now, for other signs, a pen may just be a thing which is used for writing. But such simple things in life inspire them to do something or start something for the upliftment of others in the society. It does not really matter if their effort is recognized or not. Such individuals shine from within, they are always inspired to do something productive, which helps them to grow in life.
Going that extra mile
They are intellectual and love to have conversations which involve philosophy. This desire to have an intelligent and smart communication, makes them walk that extra mile to accomplish their dreams and ambitions.
Romantic and Affectionate
They are born romantic, and are known to woo their partners with romantic poems or fulfilling their every desire. With this sign, you can even expect actions like proposing to their partners by going down on their knees in the most romantic way ever. The best match for a Gemini-Cancer cusp is Aquarius, Pisces, and Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp.
They often rely on their intuition to accomplish a certain thing. And most of the time, their intuition leads them to the right person at the right time.
This is one of their major weaknesses. If they are heart-broken or in any kind of misery, they often isolate themselves and confine themselves to their own world. They totally shun people, this can be quite self-destructing for them because they plunge into deep depression, and sometimes, it becomes quite difficult for them to come out of it.
They are like magnets who attract people with their charming and sweet nature. They have this spark in their eyes which draws all the good and bad guys to them. They are also known to be excellent conversationalists. They can engage you in a conversation for a really long time, and all you would feel like doing is listen to their mesmerizing voice.
Another drawback of this sign is, they unknowingly become selfish and self-centered. They don't want to share you with anybody. They would demand to have your attention all the time, which would sadden them if they don't get it. However, they should try not to be selfish and give space to the other person too.
Domestic and Peaceful
They are family-oriented, and love to sit at home which is like a different world for them. They are known to be very good with kids and are extremely to them. Family is like God to them and everything starts and ends with them. They don't like to travel that much, but with the Gemini influence, they do travel a lot for either work purpose or family reasons.
Don't take things lightly
Individuals born under this sign don't take things lightly, for them even the tiniest thing is really important, and it means the world to them. Say for example, a small gesture like calling them up to say goodnight or informing them of their kid's first food bite, etc. These things hold a special place in their heart. It may seem silly, but for them it's emotion and sentiment that matters.
Mood Swings
They don't have stable moods, but one good thing is that they snap out of their self-pity or misery quickly. They get angry or become sad really fast, but it does not take them too long to become normal. However, it is sometimes difficult and hard for other people to comprehend their nature. Mood swings are very common in such individuals, it may pose a problem at times.
Overindulgence in anything is a strict no-no for them, also they are prone to drift, if they can't accomplish their desired goals. Hence, they tend to switch jobs very often. All zodiac signs have some strengths and weaknesses, but with determination and a strong will, you can achieve anything in life.
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