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Compatibility Between a Scorpio and a Sagittarius: High or Low?

Scorpio Compatibility with Sagittarius
Neighbors in the zodiac, Scorpio and Sagittarius can be really compatible if both of them work upon it slowly, and bridge the gap of differences. If you are either of these two signs, then perhaps you would want to read this AstrologyBay write-up further.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018
Seriousness in a relationship
Both these signs exhibit extremes when in a relationship. Sagittarians are very casual, and Scorpios are very serious about their relationships.

They are the 2 S's on the zodiac, side by side. Scorpio and Sagittarius have water and fire as base elements and demonstrate qualities that are as dissimilar as their elements. While intensity does not find a mention in the Sagittarian's dictionary, a Scorpio is passionate about everything in life.

The 'Sagis' (as they are called these days) always welcome change. They have a free-wheeling style of thinking. They like to be independent and might feel nagged by deep involvement. It's not that they run away from commitment, it's just that they are not as true-blue as Scorpios.

On the other hand, Scorpios are stubborn and emotional. They tend to cling on to the past. 'Forgive and Forget' is never their way of life. But they are fantastic as regards to their strength and determination, which is why perhaps, they never settle for anything but the best.

Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman

A Scorpio man would never give his soul to someone who does not qualify as a trophy wife, a dedicated lover, a perfect homemaker, and a powerful woman, who has her own money, career, and interests. He wants perfection because that is what he (thinks he) is.

A Sagittarius woman is out-and-out frank. She is inquisitive, versatile, candid, independent, and generous. For her, love comes knocking on the door after friendship. She won't believe a complete stranger in the matters of the heart. She needs to know them profoundly, before taking the plunge. Even a completely love-smitten Sagi woman can exhibit an attractive independence.

A Scorpio man gets completely bowled over by this behavior, while she admires the strength and grit of a Scorpio man. The twist, however, comes when the man expects a lot from his woman. Because if the woman does not fulfill his expectations, there can be a lot of problems.

These two just keep hitting it off and on with each other, and often have to adjust and compromise. A reason why it might not work is because the man is proud and secretive, whereas the woman can talk about everything and beat around the bush as well! If the freedom-loving soul of the Sagi girl feels confined by the intentness of a Scorpio man, then the relationship is doomed because she won't stay long in the relationship.

Scorpio Woman and Sagittarius Man

Again, as mentioned above, it is not exactly a 'made-for-each-other' match, unless the two work towards making it successful. As mentioned earlier, Scorpio personalities are all about deep thoughts and emotional involvement and attachment.

If you see a Scorpio woman ... Beware! Not in the literal sense, but yes, when it to comes to the topic of 'relationships', it's either black or white. No gray areas are allowed at all. Don't get me wrong, but a Scorpio woman can never be taken lightly. She has a subtle, deadly beauty. She is sharp, stubborn, intelligent, controlling and sometimes self-destructive.

Scorpio woman desires security, devotion, and closeness. On the other hand, our Sagittarius man is reckless, and even if he expresses his love for her, it is not her idea of love and romance. In addition to that, the woman is possessive, which gets on the nerves of the flirtatious man. The Sagi guy just wants to be free, and believes that if you want freedom, stay single.

Physical Intimacy!

Though, emotionally, both these signs may be miles apart, but when it comes to the bedroom, both bring in a lot of passion. They can totally set the bedroom on fire. The Sagittarius usually falls for the sultry ways of the Scorpios.

There is one downside here, although Scorpios have a strong liking for physical intimacy, they may also feel hurt and used, if they frequently settle for one night stands.

Even if a Sagittarius is not able to anticipate the needs of a Scorpio, he will still be quite adaptive and respond in a playful and easygoing manner. Somehow, it would satisfy the appetite of a Scorpio, but this fun-seeking way of making love of a Sagi, will disappoint the Scorpio. They desire powerful and dominating mates.

Compatible as Friends? Yes!

Talking of friendship, this compatibility comes a full circle. Their friendship involves reasonable commitment and least demands. Hence, they make good friends, but a sound and deep-rooted friendship will require time to develop. Scorpios can keep the Sagittarius guessing, and the Sagi will keep the Scorpio laughing.

In friendships, if the Scorpios allow to let go of their secretive nature and possessiveness a little, the Sagi would more than happy to compromise. They can also be mutually beneficial, as the Scorpio can teach Sagittarius to think before he/she speaks, because Sagis are really blunt in the ways they express themselves. Scorpios can, in turn, learn the skill of letting things go. A Sagi friend would also help the Scorpio stop being paranoid over exposed secrets.

If we think of it from a different perspective, we can say that these differences should make them even more suited for each other. One would compensate for the brooding and introvert nature of the other, while the other has a calming effect on the first! Love is what matters at the end! Neither of them win, when its love!
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