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All the Reasons Why Capricorn is Considered to Be a Dangerous Sign

The Dangerous Capricorn
Capricorns are an interesting people! They go to giddy heights that can only be imagined by a poet, perhaps even further!
Prerna Salla
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
The goat needs no introduction of any sort and it is no exception to find them in places where you'd least expect any life to occur. I say they are a dangerous lot of people and rightfully so, with an insatiable amount of energy, they can only be stopped by Death!
The Climb Above
Generally, an intoxicating level of energy and enthusiasm with loads of monotony is what describes the goat. With a main focus on what the goals are, it's not surprising to note that they do possess a strict pattern that they specifically choose to adhere to!
For an ordinary human being it may look as a task as simple as drinking water, but to a Capricorn. The quality of water and the way to drink it would be as important as quenching his thirst. And more importantly so, it has to be in a set pattern, else it's not right! A rigid believer in things, he's generally not accepted by society for his profound ideas, perhaps that's the reason why people seem to misunderstand his ideals, thereby delaying his success to the maximum.
The Long Road Home
Capricorns, as a rule generally have the longest struggle period. It's not the struggle that is frustrating for them, as the route that they have carved out for themselves. Many Capricorns do not have the innovative idea to channelize their thoughts, so they tend to take up harsher forms of reality!
Though persevering, they tend to go overboard with seriousness, and this could take dramatic forms in life. Many researchers have proved that some of the most critical psychoanalytical forms of behavior that stems from wife-beating and beyond generally have Capricorns as patients. What we can learn from them is their art to perfect their singular act of monotony. In their search for the extraordinary, Capricorns generally take up professions that may engross them with logical realities, like archaeology and research.
Since professions like these require a great deal of patience and effort with a single-minded attitude of making it big, Capricorns are the best bet. Most of us lack the art of being patient when faced with multiple crises. It is this perseverance that needs to be learned from a Capricorn. Perhaps that is one reason that they receive their success so late in life, as with life, success when well earned lives on for decades to come.
Pairing Them
Pairing them with another sign not only seems difficult but almost impossible. It is only the perfectionist Virgo that comes closest to understanding a Capricorn. With the somber attitude of the Virgo, the Capricornian unabashedly continues to weave magic through the fabric of life. A complete picture of modesty, Capricorns forget that there is a life beyond their area of work, an attitude that needs to be reminded by their counterpart from time to time!
As difficult as it may seem for us to be any short of these zodiac signs, it's interesting to note that Capricorn until date stands out to be the most stable of all earth signs! So if any one out there needs to meet their match in terms of stability, you know whom to look out for!
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