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Here's Everything You Wanted to Know About the Analytical Virgo Man

Virgo Man
Pinned your hopes on wooing that hair-splitting analyst of a Virgo man? Well, before you embark upon the journey of enchanting this male virgin, there are a few things you must get straight. Find out all you need to know about your Virgo man from this article right down to the last detail.
Ankana Dey Choudhury
Last Updated: May 14, 2018
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"The mind of the bigot is like the pupil of the eye; the more light you pour upon it, the more it will contract."
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That there is a hair-splitting analysis done by a Virgo. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. born on the 29th of August, 1809, very unknowingly had uttered this particular statement which today can be cited as an exemplary specimen of the Virgo potentiality to dissect any issue under the sun until even its finest shred is laid bare. No detail shall ever go unnoticed or be treated as redundant when a virgin, especially a male virgin, is looking into it. So, if you have written a pro and con essay in the most superficial manner ever and submitted it to your teacher who incidentally and accidentally belongs to the Virgo sign, then dude, you're in for the lowest grade ever. If there is any sign that checks, rechecks and then checks again into even the minutest of details, it is the Virgo man. Unfortunately, there is something that beats the Virgo love for word-splitting analysis - the Virgo hatred for ignorance. Lost? Awesome! 'Cause it's here onwards that you need to brace yourself for the worst in order to crack perhaps the toughest nut in all the twelve zodiac signs! Ask me, I have dated a true blue Virgo man for a good 12 years of my Libran life.
So, let us get down to business and start understanding the physical and mental characteristics of a Virgo man from the scratch.
The Virgo Man: Physical Appearance and Health
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Physically, a Virgo man is very pleasant to look at as a rule, even if he is not quintessentially handsome. I am not saying that no Virgo man is handsome as some of them can give the best Hollywood heartthrob a run for his money. But, what I mean is that there's something very smooth, sharp and crystal clear about their countenances that catches your eye immediately. Their intelligence sparkles through their eyes which often gives the impression that they can see right through you, which by the way they can, and usually have a bright twinkle in it. But when a Virgo man is being torn apart with worries, his eyes never take on a turbulent expression. There is always something calm and tranquil about them. The face is replete with a well-cut wedge-shaped nose and a broad forehead with a receded hairline.
The most striking physical attribute of a Virgo man is undoubtedly his gait and posture. You shall seldom find a Virgo man slouching while walking even in his laziest mood. His upright posture is truly reflective of his linear thought process and pride in his intellectual faculties. His gait shouts out his above average intelligence level. But the best part? He is aware of his intelligence but seldom conceited about it. Also, even a well-built Virgo man will always be on the leaner side.
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Given that Virgo men are absolute fascists about cleanliness and are physically abhorred by dust and dirt, they generally keep healthy. Their quest to improve their already near perfect existences aids them to remain on the fitter side. But once a Virgo man enters his depressive mode, illnesses throng them. They tend to eat minimally and that usually affects their weight drastically along with giving them irregular bowel movement problems, such as diarrhea and constipation. 
Most Virgos are known to derive ulcers and other celiac problems, such as acute indigestion, when they are psychologically down. This is natural because the virgin is said to influence the abdominal and the intestinal functions along with those of the spleen, the hands and the central nervous system as a whole which often results in the derivation of some nerve-related trouble, even if minor. It is of primary importance, therefore, that Virgos keep a check on their indulgence and affinity for fine cuisine. Most Virgos are terrific cooks and love to eat and feed. In fact, they master the culinary art to such an extent that the most high-flying restaurant will take a beating from them, hands down!
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Most Virgo men suffer from hernia along with certain genital problems and are also somehow prone to respiratory maladies, such as cold and cough, pleurisy, pneumonia, and catarrhal conditions, such as inflammation of the nose and throat with increased production of mucus.
In a nutshell, the Virgo man is at his best health-wise when nothing is psychologically tormenting him. However, when ill he will seldom crib about it but will desire to be pampered and loved nevertheless. It is because he knows of the ailments that afflict him, a Virgo man usually has a lot of medicines at home itself.
The Virgo Man: Personality
Let us now try to dissect the inner workings of a male Virgo just as he goes about it all. I assure you one thing - this man's eccentricities will amaze and endear him at the same time.
As an Individual
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Now comes the difficult part. Let us see what the perfectionist Virgo is all about.
"The unspoken word never does harm."
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Lajos Kossuth, born on the 19th September, 1802 was a Hungarian lawyer, politician, journalist and primarily a Virgo man who through his words admitted to one of the most vital Virgo traits - economy of expression. Virgos will seldom be caught in the midst of a loud outbreak of emotional verbalism. They hate showy and effusive displays of naked emotions and are heavily disturbed and repulsed by it. So, it is a sheer waste of time to convince such a man with the use of garish and overwhelming maudlin expressions seeking sympathy.
A sentimental demonstration is simply not their style. They express in limit and in a rather matter-of-fact and decent manner. He will seldom be impertinent but at the same time you will distinctly be able to trace an icy firmness when he means business. Since he keeps away from violent outbursts, Virgo men do not collect a lot of enemies on the way. Rather, he makes admirers who simply are in awe of this and respect the gravity that a Virgo man always has about him.
Even his jokes are very comely and seldom vulgar. He maintains decency at all times, especially if he has just met you and never really enjoys sleaze and extremely smutty jokes, unless he is in the company of close friends for whom he generously cuts some slack.
Known to be a rational spender when it comes to money, a Virgo is never stingy. In fact, he loves to spend on his near ones and never takes the cheap way out when it comes to that. He seldom spends lavishly on himself but when he does he goes for the very best. In cases where finances are tight, you will see a Virgo man squeezing through a month without a single whine. I sometimes believe that because they do not challenge fate so openly and resign to their destinies in the most dignified way possible, fate too is merciful towards them. Toivo Pekkanen, a Finnish author accepted this Virgo trait with the lines,
"The longer I have lived and the more knowledge I have got from the achievements of people, the narrower and smaller the world of knowledge have appeared to me. And it has become more clear to me that even we are ruled by the forces beyond our knowledge."
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They do not fight fate. They make the best of it sans constant nags and complains. But what they simply cannot appreciate and understand is mediocrity. They want you to give your best in everything no matter how little the resources are. Even if they are living in a shabby, single room stupor with missing window panes, they will not want to see dirty pillow cases and cobwebs hanging down the walls. This of course also brings us to another integral trait of the Virgo personality, pursuit of cleanliness. For a true Virgo man cleanliness is above godliness and he physically suffers in presence of untidiness. You will be surprised to know that most Virgo men are better house cleaners than the most adept, professional maids you can hire. They can sweep, mop, wash, dust and scrub the dirty linens with such perfection that the house will never look any less than that of a five-star suite. Most people will wash and then put up a curtain. But a Virgo man, or woman, will wash, dry, iron and then put up the curtains. Even the way they fold their clothes after a wash, ironing is seldom required. They take extra care to avoid creases in their shirts and so they prefer to sit and walk in an upright posture and even a worn shirt will often look like it has just been laundered. And I dare you to leave the kitchen dirty after you have finished cooking. God be with you for that!!! They are not the types who will sit in a corner and order somebody about. Never! Instead they will ask you to do a particular chore as they tend to another job that needs instant care. They notice everything. Even the tiniest hole in the ceiling which is hardly visible to the naked eye is visible to them. So, if a Virgo man is visiting your house tonight, do not bother covering the ink stain on the tablecloth with some books or a statue, simply because it won't help. He will see it even if he doesn't say anything. Get it laundered or changed instead.
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Also, a very distinctive trait of a Virgo man lies in the fact that he is always trying to help the underprivileged without an inkling of expectation. He will never shy away from giving the old beggar a five dollar note, even if that happens to be the last note he has on himself. You will often catch him feeding milk to stray dogs and cats and paying unflinchingly for their treatment and medicines. It is his instinct to aid the helpless and a Virgo becomes increasingly guilty if he cannot help someone who needs his aid. He suffers very deeply in such circumstances.
So, as you see, a Virgo man is seldom unfair as he is extremely pragmatic. He doesn't expect to receive what is improbable and in return promises to give nothing that's simply out of the league. He is hardworking and believes in distribution of jobs. However, you will sometimes feel that he is too bossy and noses around too much, even after he himself has assigned you a particular work. But, believe me these people are seldom malicious in their intentions and boss around only because they have a very good grasp over the particular field. Even if you teach them something today, they will definitely master it better than you by tomorrow. I mean I taught my guy how to form a frothy layer over coffee and now he tells me how to make the foamy layer thicker. So, they are irritatingly fast learners.
It is true that attaining perfection is humanly impossible but Virgos reach, or at least aim to reach, the closest to it than all other zodiac signs put together. Or else why would Samuel Johnson, another Virgo man born on 18th September, 1702, proclaim,
"It is reasonable to have perfection in our eye that we may always advance toward it, though we know it can never be reached."
As a Romantic Partner
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"Women decide the larger questions of life correctly and quickly, not because they are lucky guessers, not because they are divinely inspired, not because they practice a magic inherited from savagery, but simply and solely because they have sense." ~ H. L. Mencken born on 12th September, 1880.
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That is exactly how all male Virgos wish to see women, as sensible human beings with their heads in the right place and feet firmly grounded. Born with the early 6th sign of the zodiac within 23rd August to 22nd September, these men are never interested in women who are mere damsels with featherbrains. In fact they feel sorry for the sheer wastage of good potential that they associate with vain maidens. So, forget about wooing a Virgo man with a mere flutter of the eyelashes. In fact, you will have lost the battle halfway, if you so much as utter the word sex in the first date itself. Very unsophisticated in the eyes of the virgin. Chances are he will not give you a second look.
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What a Virgo man seeks in his partner is the brilliance of the mind, and education that is deeper than mere bookish knowledge and degrees. You will catch their attention if you know the percentage of the ice caps that have melted in the polar regions when he is talking about global warming, rather than just by telling him how wonderfully clever he is. He will only detect your vanity if you do so as he knows how sharp he is and finds nothing to cultivate in you. He seeks class in the thought process rather than in the advanced wardrobe and makeup kit of a woman. If he tells you that you need to shed a few pounds, believe me it isn't only because he wants a trendier woman by his side. Chances are he isn't even attracted to you romantically. It's just that he knows the negatives of obesity and is suggesting you to give up on it. So, forget about wooing a Virgo man only by pouting. He will not pay attention to someone who doesn't know the difference between the identities of Tony Greig and Tony Blair. Imprint in your head what another Virgo man Edith Sitwell once said,
"I am patient with stupidity, but not with those who are proud of it."

All male Virgos swear by it.
Next, if you are heavily into Disney princess fairy tales and want someone who proclaims his love by singing elaborate ballads in front of your balcony, then zap out of it. This is not the man for you, or at least not until he is totally and completely in love with you. Believe me, firstly he will take exceptionally long to decide whether you have it all in you so that the two of you can be happy forever. That is important as the word 'fling' is absent from the lexicon of a Virgo man. He might have one in an exceptionally rare case when he has not been attached for a very long time and needs to reassure himself of his wooing capabilities. Otherwise, he is the virgin remember? Innately capable of spending prolonged periods of time celibate uncomplainingly. Besides, there is another reason as to why he takes long to decide is because Virgos are known to be pretty unlucky in love, the first time. They are very devoted and so take parting with their beloveds real hard on themselves. Such periods are generally followed by long spells of backbreaking hard work so that they cannot think of what they've had to give up on. Naturally, falling in love a second or third time is a very, very crucial thing for them. They play it safe and I mean really safe. They do not even mind staying single for the rest of their lives, ruminating in the past glory. So, going back, he will not surrender to your love immediately and deliberate for a pretty long time.
Now, when he becomes a little attracted to you, he will still not become amorously affectionate immediately. In fact he will not even say anything directly. Maximum what you'll get are a few intelligent hints dropped here and there. It is in this state where he will actually deliberate and analyze you more keenly. Mind you, do not misunderstand me. He will not mean to demean you in any way. But he is someone who believes in a one time tie-up. So, he'll weigh all pros and cons in which both of you will be considered. If you manage to become his friend during this time period, you will take huge leaps towards the commencement of an everlasting romance with this man. However, a Virgo man hates lies in a prospective relationship. Strangely, they have an inbuilt lie detector in them which somehow lets them know when you are far from being genuine. If they happen to trace anything of this sort, they will move away immediately. May seem like a little harsh to you but remember that if a Virgo man is taking the time to understand you then you have managed to stir a little bit of that eternally dormant passion in him, and that my girl, is a huge deal. Besides, why shouldn't he be choosy? He has nothing to lose given that he is completely aware how small his chances are of finding that ultimate love and he has reached a truce with fate wherein he can live a celibate life uncomplainingly, forevermore. A Virgo man cannot express but suffers a lot internally when jilted and so he chooses to take precautions.
A stickler for detail when it comes to cleanliness and personal hygiene, the male Virgo does look into the lifestyle of a potential partner as he makes up his mind about her. He does not appreciate people who are messy, with dust coating the furniture tops and dishes lying unwashed in the sink for a week. It grosses him out. He does not expect a woman to look like a film star all the time. But he does expect his lady to have clean nails, washed hair, flake-free ears and unchapped, clean heels. Good personal hygiene is non-negotiable to this man. As I have mentioned earlier, he will be at his best when he comes in front of you. You will seldom be able to complain about his appearance. So, there should not be an issue if this guy seeks a little hygiene consciousness. He does not expect you to wear the trendiest of clothes and 7-inch high Louboutins all the time. Or have a house which is done up by Laura Day. No way! He is much too practical for excesses of any kind. But he does want a girl who scrubs the sink and then washes her hands with an antibacterial soap. So, in case you find yourself resembling the supremely dirty paleontologist called Cheryl (played by the brilliant Rebecca Romijn-Stamos) whom Ross dated in the F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode called The One With The Dirty Girl (Season 4, Episode 6), do not even venture towards the direction of a Virgo man, unless you are drastically willing to change your ways.
If you are the lucky girl who managed to pass the testy patch with flying colors, then my dear you have signed into a future full of peaceful bliss and devotion. A Virgo man has been designed by God in a manner that he will not cheat on you ever!!! I say that with finality because of two reasons - a) He is very choosy about everything remember? So, after he has fallen madly for you, he will not waste his time looking at people who couldn't hold his attention for the span that you have. Obviously that makes you the best in his vicinity! b) He is a virgin. Which means that his chastity has got to do more with the purity of mentality and not the genitals. He is someone who has scruples and will not mess it up for anything in the world. Believe me when I say and I have been told this innumerable times that a Virgo man will not ruin what he has in the pursuit of something that can be better. Never.
So, you will be happy and content in this relationship as a Virgo man in love will do things that he knows all girls secretly desire. Firstly, he will accept how crazy he is about you in albeit a very simple but in the most sincere and sweet way possible. He will walk that extra mile for you and probably even sing to make you feel wanted (even if it is in your ears). You will gradually become aware of how poetic he really is. His poesie is subtle and yet it will strike a chord in your heart that will instinctively let you know how much he actually loves you. He will be protective in a very fatherly way but never be maddeningly jealous. His possessiveness will be very adorable and childish. He will wait for you until the end of time, if he has to, and not complain even once about it. He will love you and never let you move away without trying everything under the sun to hold on to the relationship. The personality profile of a Virgo makes him someone who hates discord and so his efforts will always be focused on ironing out the differences in the family and outside. He'll want you to be neat and clean but not expect you to be a diva. He'll be happy with a simple wife who is brilliant in her own right and has her own identity. He'll not hesitate to pacify you when you are angry, say a sorry and kiss you afterwards. He'll build you the most amazing garden, if not sing and dance with you around trees, as Virgos have natural green fingers and love the pets in the house like they are more precious than humans. He'll cook for you when you're tired and change his job and move with you if you need to shift to another city.
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He will never cease to surprise you in love with his own little eccentricities. On one hand you'll notice that he will refuse to put his hand around your waist in the presence of your friends just because it'll make them jealous and give you a chance to gloat. At the same time, he will not shy away from kissing you without giving a damn as to who is watching when his emotions are stirred on seeing a lovely sunset. Virgo men generally have an elephant's memory and so he will care to keep a track of all those special dates that mean a lot to you. He will happily give up on a boys' night out to spend a quality evening with you. He'll make love to you gently and take care to ask you whether you're comfortable. He'll be strong in bed but never forceful. He stomach's his most erogenous part and stroking it gently will reveal a soft and vulnerable man in front of you who really needs you and wants to be with you for eternity. Remember that while you're dating a Virgo man he will never be unaware of your flaws for even a second. He'll know just where you fall short. But at the same time, he will not see exaggerated versions of it in you. He will love you the way you are, telling you once in a while to pull up your socks maybe.
What more can you ask for girl?

Yes, he will get critical sometimes and all you need to do is hear him out and then calm him. Do not start hurling allegations at him in return. Remember, one of his extremely few weak points is that he cannot take criticism directed at him. Things will get extremely difficult if you're not tactful. The best thing is to remain calm and then lighten the situation with a joke. Do not bother him when his mood swings make him gloomy. Let him be and he will come back all fresh and cuddle you to make up for everything.
If you do not mess this up, he will not. Even in difficult times, a Virgo man will go out of his way to make things work. His patience stretches to unfathomable extents in troubled times. But once it snaps, it snaps forever. After that he walks away to never come back. He doesn't believe in washing dirty linen in public so you will be made subject to none of that. He doesn't need legal papers to make the divorce official. He'll just leave you with a finality that will tell you that you have lost him and there's nothing you can do after that to bring him back. Hopefully, such situations will not arise.
As a Father
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A Virgo father is an admirably responsible parent who makes it his full-time vocation to inculcate in his children the thirst to achieve and become nothing but the best. They are thorough disciplinarians who happily sacrifice all their desires to fulfill the needs of their children. They teach them to be conscious citizens who switch off the light not to save on the electricity bill of the household but because they are wasting valuable natural resources. Even though they do not plan on how to raise a child before they actually become fathers, they are amazing when it comes to teaching their kids everything they ought to know. But there's one thing that can create differences between a Virgo man and his child. That is the absence of any physical display of love from the virgin's side. This may lead to the child misunderstanding his father and becoming detached from him altogether. So, this has to be checked by the mother at a very early stage wherein the Virgo man is repeatedly reminded to show his love for his own flesh and blood a little more obviously.
As a Professional
"Good sense about trivialities is better than nonsense about things that matter." ~ Sir Max Beerbohm, born on 24th August, 1872.
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A Virgo professional is naturally inclined to be a perfectionist and thus keeping an eye on the tiniest detail. He will call a spade a spade and never lie to his colleagues when it comes to business. Remember that they believe,
"The greatest of all gifts is the power to estimate things at their true worth,as said by Francois de La Rochefoucauld, a true blooded Virgo man born on 15th September, 1613.
He expects creativity in handling the most boring task and takes time to do everything. He won't hurry and sell the shares at the correct and opportunistic moment and not a second earlier. Somehow, they are often right about gauging the correct moment as they are blessed with a fantastic instinct. They do not fear failure but resent anyone who does not learn anything from it. They can somehow make even the most ludicrous scheme work successfully. Given that his ethics do not allow him to betray his company, a Virgo man can be trusted with the biggest secret of the organization. Also, speed is something that he will harness. He'll perform all his tasks in a jiffy and without taking any shortcuts. Since a Virgo man doesn't see a mass of hair when shown a head but rather individual strands distinctly, you can trust him to pick out on the best possible option for any situation with your eyes closed.
Their ambitions are not very loudly declared but they work hard to climb the ladder steadily as they like security around them. So, a Virgo professional is quite hardworking and loyal if he feels that his company treasures and recognizes his true potentials.
Read more on the alter ego of a Virgo man in characteristics of a Virgo woman.
So, learn to understand that in the criticism of a Virgo man lies the effort to achieve a better state of being rather than vain malice. He too is beyond all that. He is someone who wishes to rise and take everybody on a journey of progression with him. His ways may sometimes be harsh but his intentions are seldom corrupt. It is not in the nature of a male virgin to be ungrateful. He will pay you back for all the times you have stood by him. So, see beyond that hard shell of the Virgo disposition and you shall see a world closest to what we may call heavenly.
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