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What does Your Birthday Reveal About Your Career?

What does Your Birthday Reveal About Your Career?
You don't need a magic ball, palm reader, or tarot cards to know your future or choose your career. Your future lies on the date you were born on. The upcoming AstrologyBay article unwraps what your birthday reveals about your career.
Shruti Bhat
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
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We are closely related to numbers than we think. From the time of conception to the time of death, we are accountable for every number that comes our way. For instance, the day, month, and year we are born hold the key to our fate, right from what our personality traits are to whom we are compatible with. It also gives us a rough idea of what our strengths and weaknesses are, in order to choose the right career path for ourselves. For instance, you can't expect an artistic and creative person to work with a scalpel or behind a desk.

The topic of career and job is an integral part of anyone's life. It shapes not just his or her personal life but also his/her relationships and most importantly, finances. Therefore, let's see what your birthday says about your career.
What Does Your Birthday Reveal about Your Career?
For those of you who do not know your numerological number, it is quite easy. Simply, add all the 8 numbers of your birthday. For instance, if your birthday falls on November 23, 1969, it will come to 2 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 9 = 32 = 3 + 2 = 5. Thus, your number is 5.
The following predictions are as per your numerological number.
Number 1
People under this number thrive to meet new people and gain new opportunities. This is an independent lot of people, who hate to lose their individuality. They take charge of everything, and this attitude makes them ideal for careers in military, law enforcement, contractors, as entrepreneurs, middle and upper management, sailors, farmers, governmental activities, engineers, in mining, credit, bookstores, directors, business owners, producers, sales managers, executives, art dealing, antiques, health industries, or professional health practices, and freelance artists, viz., photographers, writers, etc.
Number 2
2s are natural followers. However, they are a sensitive lot, strong, resilient, and true survivors. If caregiving is the task, these twos are meant for the job. They make excellent counselors, teachers, nurses, doctors, therapists, caterers, insurance adjusters, etc.
Number 3
3 is considered as a powerful number and those who fall under this number love and enjoy their lives, are highly social, and like the lighter side of life. Creativity runs through their veins, then be it in art, writing, or speaking. They make ideal filmmakers, musicians, athletes, designers, writers, artists, advertisers, marketing professionals, actors, media professionals, journalists, broadcasters, are good in the medical field, etc.
Number 4
Number fours are dependable, perfectionists, and capable of great achievements. They are also very down-to-earth in nature. These wonderful qualities attract them to jobs viz., bankers, financial planners, engineers, architects, accountants, mechanics, executives, tax lawyers, etc.
Number 5
Number 5s are destined to go through frequent unexpected changes. They thrive on traveling and learning about people, races, and cultures. They are attracted to the outdoors and despise routine. They make excellent advertisers, public relations officers, sales personnel, travel writers, stuntmen, e-commerce pros, marketing professionals, firefighters, and construction workers.
Number 6
People born under this number are devotional, musically endowed, and are naturally inclined towards home and its harmony. They tend to be wonderful healers, land-based workers, carpenters, constructors, mechanics, teachers, musicians, artists, florists, singers, beauticians, caterers, etc.
Number 7
7 is a cosmic number, so people born under this number are extremely sensitive and excellent problem-solvers. They are also highly intelligent, having a natural inclination towards mathematics, chemistry, physics, etc. They are capable of intricate calculations, making them perfect for the fashion field, military strategies, business analysis, and further studies. They also make excellent authors, photographers, and researchers.
Number 8
8s are practical people who strive to achieve power, success, ambitions, and mostly love. This makes them perfect as high-ranking law enforcers, upper management, surgeons, pharmacists, financiers, real estate brokers, and business leaders.
Number 9
9 is also nicknamed as the Mother Teresa number. People born under this number are natural volunteers and are very self-sacrificing. They make ideal sociologists, anthropologists, archaeologists, social workers, coaches, scientists, doctors, spiritual leaders, diplomats, teachers, clergyman, etc.
Numerology is a deep and vast topic. The further you peer into it, the more complex it gets. These are just basic know-hows for you to get started with. Let your heart and nature be the beacon that guides you to your perfect career.
Note: This is just a rough analysis and shouldn't be followed to a T. The above suggestions are simply based on common judgement and research, and does not intend to oppose anyone's career choices.